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Changeofaddressus.com is your complete Change of Address USPS information website! Moving? Personal or business we’ve got you’ve covered! Packing lists, assistance locating movers or notifying everyone during your move, no problem we’ve got you covered!

File your USPS Change of Address Online Now! Is the lease of your business office exhausted or are you planning to take your business to a fresh, new and bigger location for greater exposure? For either of the cases, moving the entire business to a new place is not just limited to packing up the things and off to go. You have to consider few facts while relocating your business from one place to another.

  • Change of Address: Change of Address USPS is one of the easiest services you can use to get the mails delivered to the new address from the old location. You can make the amendments through online or filling the form. The system updates your address almost immediately. For the first few days, you avail this service free by just charging our credit card with $1. However, you need to pay a fixed amount weekly for availing premium service. USPS Change of Address will not let you miss any of the official documents that have been sent to the old address.
  • Keep the Old Phone Number: At times when you are changing the location from one state to another, you have to change the phone numbers. Do not discard the old number completely as the old customers or clients may not be aware of your new location and number. Thus, they will call you at your old number. You can set up call forwarding service to your new number to avoid any glitches.
  • Consider Government in the Loop: You just cannot forget to change the address, phone number or any other important information with your government bodies for tax or licensing entities. You cannot delay to make any amendments as it may take up to months for just a change in address.
  • Marketing Domains: If you have promoted your business through any marketing domains, update them immediately. No matter how old is the marketing medium, you should not leave any single mediocre.
  • Spread it Like a Wild Fire: It is an obvious fact that you will not keep the news of relocation a secret. Try spreading the word through as many people as you can. Friends, family, relatives, community members and familiar shop owners must know that you have changed your location and shifted to a particular place. If you have your business card with the new address printed over it, try distributing it among them.
  • Update It Online: If you own a website, immediately update the new details of your business office on it. Make a press release and try submitting it everywhere. You can even try making a pop-up window for everybody to notice about the updates. This will eventually make people aware and you do not have to worry about losing clients.
  • Banking Details: Last but not the least, inform your bank with your change in plans. Fill all the necessary forms with newest details and make sure those are updated and reflected in their system for your Change of Address USPS.

It may take a month or two for people to get accustomed with your new business location. You can rely on the Change of Address USPS service completely to forward your mail to the new address if you forget to update any of the above systems. Tax ID Numbers may be required for this process. Wiki Ref.

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