If you apply for a social security card, is there a way that you can get the card sent to you much faster than the SSA would normally handle such a request? In other words, can you get your social security card expedited? The short answer is no. The reason why is because the US government handles all requests for social security cards the same way. There are certain security measures that have to be taken into consideration. So how long does it take you to get your social security card?

How To Get your Social Security Card?

While you do have to wait for your application to be processed and your card sent to you through the mail, it doesn’t take as long as you might think. You can expect to receive your card in about two weeks. You can also apply for it online. Did you know that? If this is your first card, then you have to apply in person, and the same goes for changing your number and changing your name.

There just really is no way of expediting your social security card application. Many people think that when they apply online for a card that it will be sent much faster. Actually, that’s not how it goes at all. You do still receive your card in the same amount of time, but you don’t get it any faster. In fact, while you get a confirmation email that your application has been received, it takes time for them to review your application.

Get An Email

You get an email after the SSA office has reviewed your application, and that of course means that your card is on its way. It was mentioned that you get your card in about two weeks. It should be said that what the SSA says is that it takes about 10 business days. That is of course the same as two weeks, but I mention it because that is the way the SSA office describes the waiting period.

From the time you submit your application to the time you receive your card in the mail, about two weeks will pass. You have likely had experiences where companies or organizations have sent you something faster than anticipated, but that’s not usually the case with the Social Security Administration. You really can expect for them to take about two weeks to get your card in the mail to you. That might not be what you wanted to hear, but at least you will know how long you have to wait now.

Apply Online

Apply for the social security card online, and it will be here before you know it. If you really need it for something at the moment, like employment verification, perhaps the SSA office can help you with that. Employers are often verifying social security numbers with the SSA anyway. You can only do what you can do, so just apply and get the card on its way. It won’t really be that long of a wait if you think about it, so don’t worry. Get to know more at https://www.application-filing-service.com