Some people go years without changing their post office address, and others have to do it more often. Think about college students and young adults just starting out that change apartments often. There are those cross country career moves and many other types of situations that cause you to have to forward your mail, too. Perhaps it has been awhile for you, and it is now time to change your address with the post office without take the stress out of moving.

Things Need to Know When Change Your Address

There are some things you need to know when it comes to submitting that change of address form. The first thing that you need to know is that it can be done either online or in person. According to one source, a request for a change of address submitted online must be verified with a credit or debit card. Honestly, I am wondering if that still applies. Furthermore, I am wondering if it would be the same in each city and state.

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You would think that rules regarding the post office would be the same in every state. You still want to check though. It might sound good to just do it the old-fashioned way at the post office, but it sounds to easy to submit that change of address by doing it online. When you do so, you can expect that everything is good to go no later than 10 business days.

Process of Change Your New Address

There is another way to handle this matter, too. You can actually submit a change of address by phone. If you do it by phone or online, there is a dollar charge. If you handle the address change in person or through the mail, you don’t have to pay that dollar. It’s only a dollar, but still, that’s a dollar saved. You now know that you have four options to get the job done, too.

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The post office is going to send you a letter about the change of address once it is in place. You might or might not get it if you have moved already. Make sure that you time the change of address right so that you are able to get mail on time. This process is supposed to make everything more convenient for you and not a big hassle. Soon your new mail will be arriving at your new address, but first you have to decide which of the four change of address options works best for you.