It sometimes is really exciting to move to another city or another area of the same city for many people, as they find it a means to meet new people and make new interactions. This sounds like an easy task but believes me it is NOT! The family has to go through a lot which includes gathering stuff, packing into different boxes, loading and unloading the trucks and then settling in the new house. It is much more difficult than meets the eye. But this is something people can do with a little help from friends and family but then comes the biggest issue of all! You have changed your address and that brings to you a lot of official duties to fulfill. So following are a few tips that you might need to know while moving to a new place:

Update Your Mailing Address

Update your mailing address by the State Postal Service of your country. This service keeps a record of your residential/work address and if asked to will shift your address from old to new and automatically direct all your mail to the new one. This will save you a lot of trouble regarding the proper reception of mails and parcels.

Revise Your Billing Address

Even if you never received the bill at your new address, your credit card company will not really believe you on this one! So make sure that you revise your billing address before you get into any trouble. Some companies might give you a hard time while others might aid you with the online facility to correct your address.


Magazine and Catalogue Subscriptions

Visit the catalog of the magazine website online and edit your residential information or you can also call the publication to serve this purpose. This is an important thing because magazines and catalog subscriptions don’t normally shift to your new address through the official process.

Make sure you carry all your stuff

People when moving misplace the things they hold dear. This is all because of negligence and carelessness as they don’t pack things in segregated boxes. Pack your stuff separately and load it with care so that you don not miss out on anything.

Tell Your Family and Friends

Let your friends and family know about the change in your address. To make it simple, make a list of all the people you’d want to notify. Once this is done you can either give them a call or drop a message. This is something which is advisable because when you move to a new place, you need people to help you settle in the new environment which may take a little time so that is when friends come in handy!

Your Bank

When you change your address, your bank would want you to update your debit card billing address too. For this, they might send you statements to verify or in some cases, you might have to visit them yourself. To save yourself any complications in the future, get this work done before hand!

New Driver’s License

Do not forget to order a new driving license or a state identification card with your new address on it. This is something you would have to do immediately as your ID should always be updated. For this, you’ll have to visit the department of motor vehicles or if they are generous enough, they might let you order it online!

Walk Around Your New Place

Once you have moved in or even if you are still in the process, have a look at all the area that surrounds your place. This will give you a clear vision of what it is going to be like for you and where exactly everything i.e. school, market, mall etc. are situated. This will give you a sense of familiarity for the place once you move in.