Are you an investor in commercial real estate?

It is a huge market, and there are many different types of properties. Perhaps you have realized in general that the world is moving online, but that doesn’t mean that real estate isn’t a good investment. Specifically with commercial real estate, retail space has taken a big hit in recent years, but there are all different kinds of commercial real estate. Let’s look at the different types so that you can be a more educated investor.

Different Property Types

First of all, the term ‘property’ doesn’t just refer to buildings but land as well. Commercial land that is free of buildings can represent a great investment opportunity. You can pick it up for cheaper without a building on it, but you have to make sure it is a good buy. As you can well imagine, there are commercial lots that don’t have buildings for a reason. You have to have a good eye, but commercial land is one of the property types that represents an investment opportunity.

Commercial Real Estate

Then there are industrial spaces. There are so many different kinds of industrial properties that you have to get niche specific. Some industries are waning, and that can mean that certain buildings might not be good buys. But wait, there are also buildings used for a specific purpose that are outfitted for a different purpose. That happens all the time with commercial properties, not just for industrial spaces. It might not be the era of the Industrial Revolution, but industries advance with technology, and so industrial space is being used for all kinds of things, not just manufacturing.

Warehouses are quite popular investments these days for many reasons. One of the reasons is because more and more businesses are needing warehouse space. Why do you ask? Well, one of the reasons they need this space is because of the world moving online. Think Amazon and how their entire business is mostly set up around major warehouses that ship products to people. That makes commercial warehouse space a great investment opportunity.

Then there are office buildings. Office buildings are of course still widely used in today’s world. There are one story office buildings, buildings that are a few stories, and then of course there are high rises and skyscrapers. Hey, if you want to buy an entire skyscraper, well allow me to give you my number. In all seriousness, office space represents a great investment opportunity. For one, it usually doesn’t sit long before it is rented out, or it is occupied by a long-term client.

There is also retail and restaurant space in terms of commercial property. Then you have apartment complexes and other multifamily properties. There are also commercial properties that fall into the miscellaneous category. So now you know more about commercial property types, and you can decide how you want to get involved as an investor then check ohio commercial real estate listings once. There are certainly many opportunities out there, and you just have to think about which type of property would be the best bet. Visit online to know more.